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My Favourite Lunch Spot in Town - Josephines

Going "to town" ( town, of course, being Bridgetown, the capital) is honestly something I had come to dread from a young age. Everyone knows that the highest concentration of affordable and varied shopping can usually be found in town, but the tight streets, cramped stores and the hot sun usually mix together to give a less than pleasant experience.

This is why I've been so enchanted with Josephine's cafe. Honestly, whether you're eating lunch or just grabbing a coffee in the restaurant that just a block off of Swan-street, you will completely forget about the hustle and bustle of the town that surrounds you. The high walls and relaxed patio furniture make you feel more like you're in a country bistro than the heart of an overpopulated city. This spot is the ideal location for a working lunch or just a catch up with friends.

Some of What I've Eaten There

My Rating

Picturesqueness: 10/10 -this is a historic site and I love that the restaurant embraces and enhances that. there are so many cute spots to take photos in.

Food: 9/10 - both of the meals I tried where delicious and they're a bunch of options that I still need to check out.

Drink: 9/10 - to be fair, I've only had the mint lemonade, but I absolutely loved it ( and it was only $7 dollars)

Ambience: 10/ 10 - This place is a total escape, I love the relaxing aura this restaurant has around it, it easy to spend an afternoon drinking coffee and chatting with friends.

Service: 10/10 - I've had the same server every time I've been and I have to say she's been a gem. Everyone at the restaurant seemed super friendly and welcoming so I really have no complains when it comes to service at all.

Location: 10/ 10 - as I said this is right in the heart of town. A perfect break from the stress of a day stopping( or working in town )

Worth the Money: 9/10 - Honestly one of my favourite things is how many adorable lunch options they have. there's no need to save up for a lunch there, but I will say that their desserts are a little pricey ( 19 dollars for a brownie? really?)

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