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Products I'm Leaving 

These are just my reactions and experiences. The most important thing to remember is that everyone has different skin and different needs . This is a list of the products that I probably won't be rebuying because they just didnt work for me.

Palmers - Skin Sucess -Deep Cleaning Facial Astringent 

this one was really my own fault for not reading the bottle properly! It's 2019 we as a people just need to stay away from alcohol toners. I know alot of people feel like the haven't toned unless their skin is burning a little but I promise, this is not the burn you want! 


Bioderna - Pore Refiner Serum

if you don't have any other options ( and if you only shopping ground is Barbados you may not) this products isn't that bad, but for me, it really just want saying much as all. It's nice and soft, wont leave you skin feeling stichy or anything, but it's just nothing to shout about to be honest. 

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