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About Me

Hi there! I'm Tanya Briar Brathwaite. I started this blog and as a creative outlet and a way to showcase my crochet and travels. It's since become a hub for all my interest and adventures.  I'm blessed to call the beautiful island of Barbados my home, and I hope to share more and more about it! 

My greatest passions are crochet, travel, animals and marketing( in no specific order) If you click the crochet tab, you can browse my current catalogue. I'm always down to try something new in the crochet department so fill out the contact box if you have an idea you don't see on the page! 

Professionally I'm a digital marketer and a community manager. Since graduating from the University of Florida in 2017, I've worked as a marketer in the tourism industry. Currently, I'm working with Sun Group and Nhome on a new exciting project! 

My Resume 

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