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A Much Needed Staycation at The Crane

For years now I've enjoyed bragging to my friends from overseas that "I live where you vacation" and while that technically true, that sad fact is, most of the tourists that come to our island have a very different experience of that than those of us who live here. Often that experience is much nicer. Barbados is covered with stunning high-end resorts that cater to people from all over the world. One such hotel is The Crane.

Crane has a reputation for being a beautiful resort and honestly its a reputation they more than deserve. In April, my family and I were able to enjoy a little staycation at there and it's the type of thing I definitely want to share on this blog! For my fellow Bajans, travel is always so expensive I think it's so important for us to take advantage of the little luxuries we have access to here from time to time, and if you live overseas and are wondering where to stay, I definitely think Crane is a good one to consider. Of course, when I travel I tend to rent an Airbnb but if you're looking for an all-inclusive situation or you just want to have that resort experience, I definitely think a place like Crane is well worth it!

The Room: We had a one bedroom suite with a rooftop pool and I think that especially for the staycation this is the perfect room. It's not the most expensive option but it has a gorgeous rooftop deck, bbq grill and pool that is the perfect area for a little entertaining.

The room itself is absolutely stunning the furniture is all oversized and comfy and the finishes are stunning! There was honestly nothing to complain about when it came to the room. It was a full equipt kitchen, washer/dryer, one bedroom, huge closet and two bathrooms! (which is perfect for when you have those friends over) The master bathroom was absolutely to die for, two sinks and a large rainforest shower. ( you can see all the details in my youtube video) I felt totally at peace here!

We brought some of our own food so we didn't eat in the restaurant to much but we did have lunch at the carriage house, which is only one of The Cranes' many restaurants, and it's the very casual dining one.

The staff was absolutely amazing and more than happy to switch things around for me ( I'm probably the pickiest eater you will ever meet.) in additions to several dining options, there's an entire town centre where they have everything some spas and convenience stores to diamond showrooms. I could very easily see how tourist could come to Barbados and rarely leave a resort like that!

Overall I just wanted to make this post and the youtube video to remind everyone to takes small joys when you can and take a break when you need to and recharge, however, works best for you!

disclosure - all the last 3 photos are not mine. Unfortunately i lost most of the photos I took at the resort but i still wanted to share this experience with you all ! I took photos from the crane website that i felt accurately represented what i saw.

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