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Bottoms Bay Beach - South/East Coast Barbados

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Along the South East coast of Barbados lies one of the island's best kept secrets. This Beach is often photographed but many visitors have no ideas where to find since its geography makes it into a fairly private beach.

There are so many things that make this beach amazing. The cliffs on each side form a cove, the palm trees are sky high and the water is crystal clear ( even if it can get a little choppy) Most of the time when I'm on this beach I'm one of the only people there. You can often enjoy this wide expanse of sun, surf and sand without the crowds of people you will usually find on our more popular beaches.

The views from this beach are absolutely stunning which makes it an ideal location for a photoshoot! I've been more that one wedding photoshoot here! It also a popular shot for family portraits but as I mentioned it can get chopping here so it isn't a place i'd bring children to swim.

When visiting you'll want to bring your own snacks and you'll probably only be able to buy a drink from a local you'll find selling punch and renting chairs

This beach is pretty far from most things so I wouldn't recommend it as a day spot to cruise ship tourist organising their own transportation. If you're on a cruise ship and want to visit this spot make sure to book a tour that will take you here!

Have you been to this beach before? What did you think? Let me know any other Barbados Beach recommendations you may have in the comments down below!

* My friend Denice Socha took all the photos in this blog!

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