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Driving Into an Active Volcano In St. Lucia ( and other adventures)

One of my favourite parts of my job is that from time to time I get to go and visit one of the other islands the company operates in. This blog post will be about my trip in February to St. Lucia. ( yes I know this post is super late) I've now been to St. Lucia 3 times and it's fast becoming one of my favourite places in the region. Our main focus on this trip was to experience some tours the company I work for provides and get a real feel for the island!

Getting to visit Bel Jou hotel is always a treat. It's this little oasis nestled in the hills of Castries with these amazing 180-degree views of the island. For the sake of full disclosure, I should mention the company I work for own this hotel, but it also owns many others, this one just happens to be one of my favourites!

The first trip we went to was a Skyride through the forest. The views were beyond stunning and the tour guides on this trip honestly know everything about the island! It was a little chilly, which I didn't expect on a tropical island, but its nothing a light jacket couldn't fix and honestly once we cleared the treetops, I wasn't even thinking about it anymore! I think an excursion like this is perfect for someone who wants to experience all the beauty and wonder of nature without having to spend the whole day hiking to appreciate the same views! I've never been a fan of intense hiking but at the same time, I never feel more at peace than when I'm surrounded by wild nature and this Skyride is honestly the best of both worlds.

In the afternoon, after a quick lunch, we raced down to the pier to hop onto the sunset catamaran cruise. All Caribbean sunsets are beautiful, that's for sure, but there's really nothing like seeing it from the sea. Not only did this tour allow us to enjoy a beautiful sunset, but before that, we also got to snorkel right under the pitons!

If you want to see this island by land, the rainforest adventure tour is probably just the thing for you! We made stops at waterfalls, fruit vendors and even the world only active walk-in volcano! Suffice to say it was quite the adventure and the rain pouring down on us as we zoomed up and down the hillside in St. Lucia just made it all the more exciting!

What to see more? check out the Youtube video I made about this trip!

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